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Thin, versatile & flexible

Achieve comfort, balance and support with the PodRX Orthotic Flex Insole



The Flex Insole is preferred by elderly people and people with
sensitive feet. The Flex Insole allows you to get around more
comfortably while still maintaining the benefits of an insole.


It is recommended to wear your new insoles a few hours a day for the
first 2-3 days, as your feet become more comfortable in your
new pod RX Orthotics you will be able to wear them all day to reap
the full benefits. If you experience discomfort with your new
Orthotics after 5-7 days of wear, and is not improving, remove the
insoles from your footwear.

*It is important to bring your orthotics when purchasing new shoes.


Hand-wash with a mild soap and warm water to remove any light soil.
If there is ground in dirt in the insole, a soft bristle brush works
well to remove dirt. Use a hand towel or paper towel to remove
excess water and air dry your insoles overnight before placing
back into your shoes. DO NOT MACHINE WASH OR DRY or expose to heat.

•  Flex arch support and cushioning to relieve foot pain
•  Designed for men's & women's low-heeled slip-on shoes,
    including moccasins
•  Recommended to relieve foot pain due to flat feet

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